Business negotiation AtoZ 

 Training time: 2+2 hours / Instructor: Jonghyuk Kim


ㆍSystematically learn basic knowledge and cases related to negotiation


ㆍImproving practical negotiation skills of trainees


  Module 1 (1H)

[ Fundamentals of Business Negotiation ]

ㆍDifference between persuasion and negotiation

ㆍStages and Process of Negotiation

ㆍ3 elements of negotiation

ㆍ5 stages of negotiation and detailed process

  Module 2 (1H)

[ Preparation of business negotiations ]

ㆍPreparation of business negotiations

 (Who, Where, When, What, How )

ㆍPhysical elements of the negotiation 

 (place, placement, channel, time)

ㆍIntroductory tactics for negotiations

ㆍBasic tactics of negotiation - Good cop, Bad cop

  Module 3 (1H)

[ Development of business negotiations ]

ㆍBasic Qualities of a Negotiator

ㆍTactics of Self-Defense and Conditional Closing

ㆍChinese Negotiation Techniques

ㆍNorth Korea's Negotiation Techniques

 (Ex. North Korea US negotiations)

  Module 4 (1H)

[ Business speech ]

ㆍBasics of B2B Negotiation - Issue making

ㆍIssue identification, classification and simulation

ㆍIssue making case sharing and practice

    (Group presentation)


GS리테일, BGF리테일, 한국공구협동조합, 야놀자, CK코퍼레이션, (주)서연이화, 사이버로지텍, 한진해운, (주)레보딕스, 신협, 경일대학교, 중소기업연수원, 부산대학교, 대한제당, 이지웰페어, 테크노파크, 충남대, 대경대, 데이블, 울산경제진흥원 外