MBTI test and propensity analysis

  Time:  2시간 / Lecturer : Jennifer Oh


ㆍTo know ourselves better and to have a better understanding of others

ㆍTo have fun while improving our communications skills Through MBTI


ㆍAcquiring the basic knowledge about MBTI

ㆍIdentificatioin of own personality type

ㆍLearn how to use MBTI


  Module 1 (1H)

[ MBTI 1 ]

ㆍIce-Breaker, What is ‘MBTI’?

ㆍMBTI : Controversies & Issues

ㆍMBTI Results & Debrief

ㆍLeadership styles & Possible misunderstanding

 Module 2 (1H)

[ MBTI 2 ]

ㆍHow to communicate and work better with those with different personality types

ㆍMBTI Z-Model for Problem Solving and Decision Making

ㆍUnderstanding of 16 detailed types of MBTI


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